Caramel Color

Manufacturers of Natural Caramel Color and Invert Syrup in India Mascot Caramel Colors (India) Private Ltd., based in Ahmedabad, is a manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of natural caramel colors, liquid burnt sugar, and natural food colors. The superb coloring properties of our Natural Caramel Color have been praised. They’re perfectly safe, stable, and lawful to […]

Caramel Food Colour Manufacturer

Caramel Food Colour Manufacturer Enhance food colour, flavour, and appearance naturally with caramel food colours from Mascot Food Colors, which are available at the most competitive prices in India. We are a food industry legend, and our caramel food colours are the flagship for the potency they share, thanks to the entire mascot food colours […]

Caramel Color Manufacturer

Largest Range of Caramel Color Manufacturers Mascot Food Colors is a global leading Caramel Color Manufacturer in a variety of tints ranging from Super Yellow to Yellow Brown to redish brown to Darkest Black. The color appeal and the durability of this Caramel Colour Manufacturer Were developed with several uses in mind, including Cake Premixes, […]

Caramel Colour for Biscuits

Caramel Colour for Biscuits – Mascot Food Colours Manufacturer Supplier Exporter Biscuits are thousands of consumers’ daily bread, and they are widely available in caramelized colors ranging from light brown to dark brown, allowing customers to identify the flavor of the individual. We are the producer, supplier, and exporter of a high-quality class-I caramel color for […]

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