Our Success Story

Since 2012, Mascot Food Colours has been committed to producing the highest quality natural caramel color which has made us the worldwide leader in the market. Our obligation in this field as the manufacturer of caramel colour has helped us in becoming one of the largest industries that offer the best quality of products. Our caramel food colors are dirt-free, natural, and consumer-friendly safe ingredients are used to make them safe for consumption.

Starting as a medium-sized company with small plants and less variety of colors, in these years we have grown enormously and enhanced our skills, plants, and technologies. Our success in supplying the caramel food colour is a result of the production quality we maintain. Our constant venture is to achieve success in delivering complete satisfaction through our quality products and developing a good relationship with them.

Caramel Colour Manufacturer, Supplier in India


To create food colours that enhance the presentation of the food without changing the taste of the product and compromising the quality.


Creating natural caramel colours using the latest and best technology to provide the highest quality colours

Quality Policy

Meet and even try to outperform our customer’s desire by relentlessly upgrading our techniques, items and organizations.

Our Values

  • To work safely
  • Meet customer requirements
  • Integrity in the action
  • Trustworthiness
  • Respect and develop a good relations with client
  • Add value to our product

Our Range Of Products

  • Caramel colour Type IV E150d and Type III E150c
  • Plain caramel colour
  • Caustic sulfite caramel colour
  • Ammonia caramel colour
  • Sulfite ammonia caramel colour
  • Liquid caramel colour
  • Caramel colour double strength

Our Key Features

  • Provide exact variations in the natural caramel colour
  • Magnify the naturally occurring colour
  • Include only natural substances in the colour
  • Maintain the standards set by us
  • Manufacture caramel colour using ultra-modern treatment plants
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