Sweets and candies are collectively known as confectioneries. Confectioneries are divided into two types: Backer’s confection and sugar confection. Bakers’ confectioneries consist of all bakery goods like pastries, cakes, etc. that are mostly flour based. Sugar confectioneries consist of sweets, candy, chocolates, bubblegum, etc. that mainly contain sugar.

A Quick Guide Caramel Colour for Confectioneries

Mascot offers the best caramel colors for confectioneries to enhance their looks. This caramel color can be either negative or positive ionic in charge depending on the type of ingredients that are used. We provide a wide range of caramel color that is available in both liquid and powdered form to accurately suit the item that is to be prepared. We have used natural ingredients to manufacture the colors.

Caramel Colour For Confectioneries in India
Liquid Caramel Type I Plain [Scotch Grade]
Classification: E-150a
Product Liquid Caramel Type I Plain [Scotch Grade]
EEC No. E 150 a
Colour Light to dark reddish-brown depending on the food products and the quantity used.
Odor Pleasant
Consistency Free Flowing Liquid
Specific Gravity 1.30
Colour Strength 0.06 at OD 610 nm Dilution 1:1000
PH 3.3
Copper 4.0 ppm
Ash Contents 1.8%
Arsenic 1 ppm
Lead 1 ppm

Liquid caramel colours are added nearly at the end of the heating process in order to avoid any change in the characteristics of the colour while powdered caramel colours are added slightly early in the preparation for confectioneries. When added at the time of boiling, caramel colour gives a matt look of the confectioneries. The addition of our caramel colour makes the product look more visually appealing and helps attract more consumers.

Various reasons for adding caramel colour in confectioneries:

  • Enhances the looks
  • No effect on taste
  • Gives both bright and matt look
  • Give many colour shades
  • Bolder look of item
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