Protein drinks consist of powder form protein such as soy, casein, or whey which is the by-product of the process of manufacturing cheese. These drinks are prepared in various flavors, which are then combined with milk or water to prepare a proper shake. The color of this protein is light brown in color. To give it the additional color caramel color is added to it. Protein drinks are commonly referred to as dietary supplements to boost muscle hypertrophy.

No.1, Caramel Colour For Protein Drinks Manufacturer and Supplier, India

We at Mascot offer a wide range of caramel color that is widely used to give additional chocolate color to protein drinks. The main color of this protein drink that most industries prefer is brown or any shade of brown. We provide a wide assortment of caramel colors that can be used for giving proper shade to the protein powder.


These drinks are available in different flavors and accordingly the colour is selected for that drink. The caramel colour that we provide are available in 4 classes depending on the components of the colour. The ingredients in them make the colour either negative of positive in ionic charge. Our caramel colour for protein drinks are available in both powder and liquid form that are highly water soluble so can be easily mixed with the drink.

The caramel colours we offer are made from natural ingredients like carbohydrate and ammonia or sulfite depending on the class of colour. The colours are available in both liquid and powdered forms. This provides a wide range of colours in both forms so that the client can choose from the one that accurately matches their requirements. The use of caramel colour can be done without any fear of harm to the health of the consumer.

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