Best Caramel Colour For Beverages, Tea, Sauces, Coca, Beer And Whiskies etc.

Beverages are considered as various kinds of liquid drinks that are specifically made for human consumption. Mascot ranks as the most significant manufacturer of both simple beverages as well as carbonated beverages. These beverages are prepared from various fruits, sap, and grains that are carbonated or noncarbonated. To give additional color to the beverage, Mascot provides a wide range of caramel colors that are used to improve the looks of the drink. The amount of color that is added to the drink depends on what color tone is required.

Caramel Colour for Tea

Tea is the most widely used beverage in many countries. To select the caramel colour for tea various points are to be noted like the pH and acid present in it. We at Mascot provide our clients with the best quality of caramel colour for tea. Important insepections in choosing Caramel Colour for tea are tannins, pH, and acids present. How a tea is create – natural or tea-flavored – will control the class of Caramel Colour to use. For natural tea, negative ion charged Sethness Roquette Class I, Class II and Class IV Caramel Colour are united with most tannins from the tea leaves which results in a clear solution. On the experience that the Class IV Caramel Colour has a poor exchange with the tea tannins, a Class III Caramel Colour may be a greater choice. While all classes of Sethness Roquette Caramel Colors are fixed at low pH levels, Caramel Color reaction with many acids in tea vary and lead to haze problems.


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Caramel Colour for Cola

Caramel colour is an important ingredient for the colour of cola. The amount of colour used in the cola describes the final colour of the end product. Any class of caramel colour can be used in the cola depending on the ingredients that are used in the preparation of cola. The colour is selected based on the negativity or positivity of the ion in the soda. Class I colour does not work in any cola that contains phosphoric acid, but can be used in beverages that contain citric acid.

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Caramel Colour for Liquors

Liquors require negative charged ions for their stability. This is attained through caramel colour of type I and II. While caramel colour of type IV that contains both ammonia and sulphate is less preferred as it develops haze in it. It is required only in a small quantity as it has high solubility and gives great colour. They are highly soluble in the liquors. The class of caramel colour is decided based on the type of liquor that is prepared example: red tone is often used for rum while yellow tone is used for brandies or tequilas.

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Caramel Colour for Beer

Mascot provides the best natural caramel color that is used in beers. The clarity of beer plays a critical role in its preparation. A typical beer contains 4.5% of carbohydrates which can be achieved through the caramel colour added into it as they are also prepared from carbohydrates. Caramel Colors are frequently used to standardize the final beer shading and to adjust the variation in the consistency of the malt color as created by manufacturers.

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Caramel Colour for Brandies

Brandy is an alcoholic beverage prepared from fruit/sap and is in distilled form. These brandies also contain caramel colour to maintain their colour. They generally contain 35-60% of alcohol and colour. The addition of colour gives an aging effect on the brandies and makes them look more in age. The type of color depends on the negativity or positivity of the drink that is to be maintained. The caramel colour is available in both single and double strength to develop the range of colour that is required in that particular brandy.

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Caramel Colour for Whiskies

The main use of caramel colour in whiskies is done to attain the darker look of the whiskey. Some whiskies add E150a which is a type I caramel colour. The addition of caramel colour helps to harmonize the colour of whiskey. It is considered safe for use as a food additive that is used at a consistent level. The richer the colour of whiskey, the more flavour everyone expects from it. To meet these expectations, we provide the most consistent caramel colours that give dark colours. They are used up to 2.5% of the total amount of whisky produced.

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Caramel Colour for Breweries

Breweries are the location where beer is manufactured and sold. The place where beer is made is called a brewery. Caramel Colour is a necessity for brewery companies as the colour of beer has to be set appropriately to enhance its appearance. Mascot provides the best quality of caramel colour in both liquid and powdered form having variable consistency and ionic charge. For over a century, dark and light caramel colours have been used in the process of producing beer in breweries.

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