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The mascot is considered the brand name in the market as a manufacturer of liquid caramel color. This caramel color is prepared in a healthy way that meets the standards and specifications set by the health authorities. Persons most use liquid caramel as it can easily merge with the matter and are highly soluble. These colors are divided into 4 types of classes:

  • Type I: E150a Plain caramel colour
  • Type II: E150b Caustic sulfite caramel colour
  • Type III: E150c Ammonia caramel colour
  • Type IV: E150d Ammonia sulfite caramel colour
Liquid Caramel Colour, Caramel Color Manufacturer

These classes are classified on the basis of the components contained in them. The components incorporate ammonia and sulfite whose number decides the type. The plain type of liquid caramel colour is just created by the procedure of caramelization in which no ammonia or sulfite is added. The other three have ammonia, sulfite, or both components in them. The liquid caramel can be negative, positive, or almost neutral depending on its structure. They are used in many food items like alcohol, liquors, sauces, bakery items, ice cream, chocolate, etc.

We are the most reliable manufacturer and supplier of liquid caramel colour that are fabricated from the best ingredients in special machinery. These caramel colours also come in two shades i.e. single strength and double strength depending on their impact. single strength and double strength depending on their collision. They are highly consonant and can be saved for one year if kept in actual dry atmospheric conditions (below 32°C). We provide the best quality caramel colour in liquid form.

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