There are wide diversities available in sauces. The use of caramel colour in them is considered based on redness, pH, viscosity and flavour that are required. The sauces require a different type of caramel colour depending on the colour that is required. Class, I type of caramel colour is most used in a variety of seasoning applications, including BBQ sauce, Waffle syrup, Soy sauce, fish sauce, etc. The colour tone of the Mascot varies from dark red to dark brown. We even provide salt-stable caramel colours that are compatible with salt levels as well as protein.

Caramel Colour for Sauce is the world’s most broadly used food colorant. It is used to impart color in many foods and beverages including colas, soy sauce, seasonings, breads, pet meals, cereals, and other foods and beverages.

Caramel Colour for Soya Sauce

Soya sauce is considered as the oldest condiments for its flavor and flavor enhancing properties. Caramel Colour of class III are used in the soya sauce as they have high salt stability. They have a positive ionic charge. Our clients don’t prefer a class IV of caramel color as they are not highly stable with products that contain high salt content. The use of these caramel colour is selected based on consideration of some key points like redness, salt stability, pH and viscosity, and favor. Our positively charged, low-sulfite Class III Caramel Colors provide excellent reddish-brown tones, and they are extremely stable in soy sauces. The caramel colour of class IV offers dark brown tones like dark chocolate and will work in applications of up to 20% salt.

Caramel Color Manufatcuer
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