Class III Caramel Colour E150C also called ammonia caramel colour

This type of colour is the third type in the range of caramel colour. The type III E150c is fabricated from carbohydrates through heat treatment in the presence of ammonium compounds. This colour has a positive ionic charge. No sulfite is used in the manufacturing of this colour. These caramel colours are used mainly in soy sauce, beer, dairy products, protein drinks, etc. We manufacture type III E150c caramel colour keeping in mind important factors like pH, heat, light and storage. Our company is equipped with high-tech labs that produce the most hygienic colours.

Mascot stands as the leading manufacturer of top quality of type III e150c. This caramel colour is greatly consumed in the domestic as well as international market because of its effectiveness as a food colouring substance and low dosage requirement.


Even as supplier and exporter, we are a brand name and the most reliable colours. We have various units like procurement, processing, quality control, packaging and resource and development. All these units support us to meet the needs of our clients and provide them with the best in class caramel colours. We deliver these products in the packaging as per the requirement of the client.

Caramel Colour Type Class III (E150c) are mainly used in tea,whiskey, brandy having a positive colloidal charge and used to color soy sauce and beer.

Microbiological Specification
Plate count per gm Max. 200
Yeast per gm Max. 10Cfu
Mold per gm Max. 10Cfu
E. coli per gm Less than 3
Salmonella/25gm Negative
Storage conditions Not to expose to direct sun light and store below 32°C
Shelf life 1 year
Physical & Chemical Specifications
Colour Intensity %/mass 0.08-0.35
Specific Gravity @ 20°C 1.31-1.33
pH 4.0-5.0
Ionic Charge Positive
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