Caramel Color Manufacturer, Supplier And Exporter in India
"Caramel Color Manufacturer, Supplier And Exporter in India"

Caramel Color Manufacturer in India

Caramel Colour/Color Manufacturer, Type IV E150D, III E150C, Supplier, Exporter in India

Established in the year 2012, Mascot Food Colour serves as the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of a wide variety of natural caramel colors. Our caramel colors are fabricated from the highest quality natural ingredients that make them safe for use in any food product. Located in Ahmedabad, we offer a complete range of natural caramel food colors used in a range of food and beverages.

The caramel color that we manufacture is completely hygienic and is processed in sanitized equipment under the supervision of our highly experienced professional team. Every product that we offer is developed under the strict supervision of our rigorous quality experts to meet international quality standards. Our ultramodern infrastructure enables us to carry out all the manufacturing processes in the most efficient way.

What is caramel food colour?

Caramel food colors are water-soluble colors used for coloring various food items. They are not a flavoring substance but are colouring agent. It is prepared through caramelization in which carbohydrates are heated either alone or in the presence of acids, alkalis, or salt. Caramel is obtained from natural sweeteners that contain fructose, dextrose, sucrose, molasses, starch hydrolysates, etc.

Caramel Food colours are the oldest coloring agents used in foods and beverages like beer, chocolate, cookies, custard, desserts, ice cream, sauces, and many more consumable items. They are used in low concentrations and generally have no major effect on the flavor of the item.

Caramel-Colour-for-Chocolates Manufacturer

Types of Caramel Food Colour

Plain Caramel Color Manufacturer in India

Plain Caramel Colours

They are the most minimal processed of the 4 classes. In this caramel color, only carbohydrate is heated and no other compounds are added to them, and have a negative ionic charge.

Caustic Sulfite Caramel Colour, Caustic Sulfite Caramel Colour Manufacturer

Caustic Sulfite Caramel Colour

These caramel colours are prepared by heating carbohydrate in the presence of sulfite compounds and carry a negative ionic charge.


Ammonia Caramel Colour

The carbohydrate in this caramel is heated in the presence of ammonia compounds and creates low-sulfite caramel colour having positive ionic charge.

Sulfite Ammonia Caramel in India

Sulfite Ammonia Caramel Colour

They contain both sulfite and ammonium and have a negative ionic charge.

Natural Caramel Food Colour

Caramel colour come in the same category as natural colorants like beet juice, annatto, beta carotene, etc. Natural caramel food colours are derived from agricultural, biological, or mineral sources. The most important characteristic of natural caramel food colour is that they are safe for use as a food additive. They are derived from natural sources and hence do not cause any harmful side effects.

Reasons for our Caramel Food Colour

We derive our caramel food colour from natural substances that are completely hygienic. We manufacture them under strict conditions and verify them under various quality tests. At Mascot Food Colour we have acquired the best technicians and have well-equipped laboratories to verify the colors and provide high-quality products. We are rated as the most reliable and consistent quality caramel colour provider in India as well as in other countries.

Applications of Caramel Food Colour

An Overview of Caramel Color (कैरेमल कलर, अहमदाबाद) - Founded in 2012 We are a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of high-quality Liquid Caramel Colours and Caramel Brown Colour.

Caramel Colour Price in India

The mascot is considered the benchmark in quality standards for manufacturing caramel food color. The price of caramel colour depends on the type of colour that is to be purchased as the ingredients in the class also impact the price range. The technology that we use enables us to produce more quantity of caramel colour by extracting maximum colour from the substances. This makes us capable of offering caramel colour at the most economical price in the domestic market as well as overseas.

Largest Selection of Caramel Powder

The manufacturer of Powdered Caramel Colors with light colors from Super Yellow to Yellow Brown to redish brown to Darkest Black, and Mascot Food Color, is a top leader in this industry. These powdered caramel colours were created with a number of applications in mind, including cake premixes, noodle flavor enhancers, soups, seasonings, protein premises, and dry blends, among others, in mind.

Key Points

  • Improvement in quality through latest technology
  • Low manufacturing cost through process improvement
  • Develop new processes for better products
  • Quality checks under strict conditions
  • Hygienic ingredients to make products safe
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction