We are known as one of the key Plain Caramel Color Supplier in India.

Mascot food colours is the prime manufacturer of plain caramel colour that are produced in controlled heating technique using carbohydrate sources like corn, wheat, sugar, sucrose. There is no ammonia and sulfite component used in the manufacturing process, hence it results in neutral or slightly negative in ionic charge. These colours are mostly used in whiskey, rum ,brandy or other alcoholic beverages. The colour of this  caramel range from yellow to red-brown. The colour depends on the type of product in which it is to be used. They are water soluble and the shade of colour depends on the quantity of the caramel colour used.

The plain caramel colour is considered as a class I caramel colour and is becoming the fastest growing part as they accurately meet clients requirement.

Plain Caramel Color Manufacturer in India

The elements that we use are completely natural as well as sanitized to make them harmless to anyone that consumes it. Even the equipments that are utilized in the production process are germ free and implanted with latest technology. Mascot is the chief supplier of plain caramel colour in Gujarat, India that are renowned in the market because of their supreme performance.

Mascot’s Type – I Plain Caramel Colour Manufacturer in Gujarat India. Which are Caramel colors are made by heating carbohydrate sources including corn, wheat, and sugar under regulated conditions to form color bodies. Its manufacturing is prohibited from using ammonium or sulfite chemicals, resulting in a Caramel Color with a neutral to slightly negative ionic charge.

Mascot’s Type-I Caramel Color is a spirit-soluble caramel used by the spirits industry to color blended whiskies, rums, and other alcoholic beverages. It has a medium coloring strength but is very stable in the sun. Plain Caramel and Spirit Caramel are two other names for Type I Caramels.

The plain caramel color is classified as a class I caramel color and is quickly becoming the most popular since it accurately meets the needs of customers. Mascot Food Colors is the leading producer of plain caramel color, which is made using a regulated heating procedure and carbohydrate sources such as corn, wheat, sugar, and sucrose. Due to the absence of ammonia and sulfite in the manufacturing process, the ionic charge is neutral or slightly negative. Whiskey, rum, brandy, and other alcoholic beverages commonly employ these colors. Caramel comes in a variety of colors, from yellow to red-brown. The color is determined by the sort of product to be utilized. They are water-soluble, and the colour tone varies according to the amount used.

Microbiological Specification
Plate count per gm Max. 200
Yeast per gm Max. 10Cfu
Mold per gm Max. 10Cfu
E. coli per gm Less than 3
Salmonella/25gm Negative
Storage conditions Not to expose to direct sun light and store below 32°C
Shelf life 1 year
Physical & Chemical Specifications
Colour Intensity %/mass 0.01-0.120
Specific Gravity @ 20°C 1.30-1.33
pH 3.0-4.0
Ionic Charge Negative
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