We are providing Double Strength Caramel Color (Type IV) which is generally considered in the class IV of caramel colour.

Mascot is the foremost manufacturer of Caramel colour double strength that have top quality and consistency. They can directly be added into the food products that have water or alcohol as at is highly soluble. It is in a free flowing liquid form having low viscosity. Double strength caramel colour  is generally considered in the class IV of caramel colour. It is made from carbohydrates in controlled heating and sulfite and ammonia compounds. All the processes in our company are handled under the expert supervision to ensure the quality of the colours.

These caramel colours of double strength are used in various bakery products, desserts, sauces, chocolate and beverages.

Caramel Colour Double Strength

The double strength caramel colour we provide has a pungent burn taste and dark colour. They have excellent stability in the atmosphere when stored at appropriate atmospheric conditions. We have a large number of equipment that are sterilized in order to make them safe for manufacturing the double strength colours. The processing unit is equipped with advanced machineries and latest technology to process the components and produce the best caramel colour with a double strength. We present these double strength caramel colours at greater cost efficiency and in various size of packing as per the client’s requirement.


Microbiological Specification
Plate count per gm Max. 200
Yeast per gm Max. 10Cfu
Mold per gm Max. 10Cfu
E. coli per gm Less than 3
Salmonella/25gm Negative
Storage conditions Not to expose to direct sun light and store below 32°C
Shelf life 1 year
Physical & Chemical Specifications
Colour Intensity (Percent by mass) 0.10-0.60
Specific Gravity @ 20°C 1.24-1.29
pH 2.8-3.5
Ionic Charge Negative
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