Malted food is prepared from cereal grains that are first germinated by soaking in water and then dried with hot air. This process is known as malting. The grains are then crushed into powder form from which healthy drinks and other baked foods are prepared. Malted products are even used in the manufacturing of biscuits, a variety of bread, whiskey, and health drinks.

The Best Company Of Caramel Colour For Malted Foods Manufacturer, Ahmedabad

The mascot is considered the most consistent manufacturer of a wide variety of caramel colors that is useful in malted foods. The colors are added in the malted foods products depending on which item is to be prepared from it. The malt extract is generally brown. They are added in the required amount to get the exact shade of the item to make it look attractive.

Caramel Colour For Malted Foods, Caramel Food Colour Gujarat

We provide a wide range of caramel colour that are available in both powder and liquid form as per the need of the product. The timing of adding the colour and amount of colour added depends on the process of manufacturing to avoid any change in the property of the caramel colour. These colours are made up of carbohydrates and may contain ammonium or sulphite depending on the type of caramel colour that is used. The dark or light colour of the malt items are because of the caramel colour to make it attractive.

Reasons to use caramel colour in Malted Food

  • Easy to use
  • Enhances the appearance
  • Low cost
  • Natural ingredients
  • Safe for use
  • Does not affect the taste
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