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Enhance food colour, flavour, and appearance naturally with caramel food colours from Mascot Food Colors, which are available at the most competitive prices in India.

We are a food industry legend, and our caramel food colours are the flagship for the potency they share, thanks to the entire mascot food colours team who works with total dedication. Our manufactured range of caramel colours is primarily available in four classes, incorporating I, II, III, and IV, and is made with completely natural substances, making it completely safe for food and, ultimately, health.

Because of its effectiveness and ability to make your food more appealing without changing its characteristics, the provided natural caramel food colours are a highly sought after product in the food, beverage, confectionery, baby food, pet food, dairy, Nutraceuticals, and other parallel applications.

The provided range of caramel food colours is available in standard packaging to ensure quality and can be purchased in any size. Furthermore, customization is something interesting that we offer after learning about the application in order to provide you with complete colour satisfaction.



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