Caramel Colour for Biscuits – Mascot Food Colours Manufacturer Supplier Exporter

Biscuits are thousands of consumers’ daily bread, and they are widely available in caramelized colors ranging from light brown to dark brown, allowing customers to identify the flavor of the individual. We are the producer, supplier, and exporter of a high-quality class-I caramel color for biscuits. This class-I caramel color aids in improving the color look of the biscuit, which is lost during the baking process, as well as lowering the amount of cocoa powder used. Furthermore, the high quality of the offered caramel colors allows for simple color mixing with the raw material of the biscuit, which is important for achieving a delicious look of the biscuits.

Because it contains no chemical ingredients, the offered class-I caramel color is also known as clear caramel color and clean label color. Due to the diverse needs of the biscuit, we have developed a distinctive class-I caramel color in both liquid and powdered forms. Aside from that, a bespoke variety of class-I caramel colors is available at customer request. We are confident in the quality and efficacy of whatever caramel cooler you choose.

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