Caramel food colour for pets food manufacturer, and supplier in India

Nowadays, pet food is equally popular and important as human food in terms of safety and health. This has resulted in intense competition to produce a variety of Caramel colors for Pet Food that are of the highest quality and yield the greatest ROI, where caramel color can be the best way to boost the quality alongside its appeal. We are the producer, seller, and exporter of a wide variety of Caramel Colour For Pet Foods, especially known for their outstanding shelf stability, consistency, and eye-catching color.

Our assortment of caramel colors includes class I, class II, class III, and class IV options. Class III and class IV caramel colors have received some recognition for their versatility and potency in the Caramel Colour For Pet Foods manufacturing industries. Both are entirely organic and have received approval from the FSSAI for their quality and purity and are thus utilized as an alternative to iron oxide in pet feeds.

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We are confident that our caramel color will help you achieve appetizing color tonesodor, and taste that will be loved not only by you but also by pet owners and, most importantly, pets. This caramel color for pet foods is attainable in both liquid and powder form, and it can be used in any type of pet food, be it dry or wet pet food, or even pet treats.

We provide this caramel color in an array of packing sizes, from kg to 65 kg, as well as customized range of the same at the customer’s specific request.

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